Services & Costs

The Hive Tribe provides complete beehive maintenance services in a one-year subscription agreement. The agreement covers all twelve months of the year since bees are active year round here in Southern California.

The base cost for annual maintenance is $1250 per hive, with a discount offered for three or more hives per yard. The annual fee covers normal hive maintenance, inspections and honey harvesting. It does not cover honey processing (bottling), the bees themselves, re-queening service, or equipment such as woodenware or frames. It does not cover grounds maintenance such as weeding or tree trimming, although we can provide that service at an extra charge. The base cost for annual maintenance will be higher if access to the site is far from Los Angeles mid-city, or otherwise hard to access. It is payable quarterly, semi-annually, or in one annual payment, but is expected in advance of service.

Mentoring for a new beekeeper is also included in this subscription. Mentoring takes place during monthly inspections, which the student would attend regularly.

Are you a new beekeeper with questions? Consultations may be arranged on a one-time basis if you’d like The Hive Tribe to come and have a look at your bees. The charge for a single visit is $150 for the first hour, and $75 for every hour after that.

To find out more about keeping bees at your place, fill in the form and we will get back to you asap!

Or you can call 323-580-1492 to set up a consultation.